“By designing, implementing, and managing Revant’s PPC strategy, we
lowered their average ACoS from 24% down to a staggering 6%, resulting in lean advertising that produces sales while maintaining a profitable ROI from advertising spend.”


  • Increased product sessions by 40%

  • Achieved Revant’s KPIs, and all channel sales are up 10-25%

  • Reduced PPC ACoS from 22% to 6% 

  • Improved Seller Rating and Performance Metrics

  • Amazon product optimizations and regular updates to over 26,000 SKUs – per marketplace

  • Active defense against extensive retail arbitrage

  • Channel Cleanup across 8 International Amazon Marketplaces

The Company

Revant was inspired in response to a mountain bike crash in 2010. That crash shattered
sunglass lenses no one could replace. They began reselling lenses but soon became
a manufacturer to offer the best replacement sunglasses lenses available. In 2017, they started manufacturing from their headquarters in Portland, Oregon.
By 2018, they launched their own line of performance eyewear: Revant Sunglasses.
Revant is driven by high standards of calibration and relentless quality control, They continue to innovate and share their pursuit of excellence in a simple, clear goal: Make the best performance eyewear on the planet.

Their Challenge

Revant hired Cart Logic in October 2017 with a massive account of 8 Amazon Marketplace channels with close to 26,000 SKUs on each channel. What they had in volume, however, they lacked in control.
They used ChannelAdvisor to push information through to Amazon but due to the sheer number of SKUs and the uniqueness of the Amazon platform were unable to discern how that information was affecting their listing performance. They were Brand Registered but had no Enhanced Brand Content and no efficient way to implement it on their listings.
Sales had dipped under the weight of countless resellers and increased competition. Their PPC was steady but running rich. Their international channels floated freely, too large to be manageable. It was drowning in unauthorized resellers, uncurated keywords, and incurring poor performance metrics from shipping and packaging issues. Frustratingly there were conflicts between business rules internationally and the Amazon’s US marketplace.
We asked ourselves, “How could Revant fix these issues in a timely matter while remaining profitable?”

Our Solution

Our Amazon Management team started on the Amazon US account with a simple approach: divide and conquer.
We began keyword research and updated listing SEO one lens brand at a time. We discovered that the previous keywords were not optimized for
Amazon’s unique landscape, were not correctly formatted, and were being completely ignored by Amazon’s backend.
Our PPC experts used that SEO research to cleanup Revant’s PPC. They progressively added advertising to all products and increased
headline search ads to keep advertising real estate from competitors. We focused on adding negative keywords to run leaner advertising that could, for example, differentiate between customers searching for ‘sunglasses’ vs ‘replacement lenses for sunglasses’.
When it came to EBC implementation, we worked steadily and completed the request several months ahead of schedule. We also began Channel Cleanup, pursuing as many unauthorized resellers as possible. Helping Revant stay aware of the retail arbitrage that is typical of the Amazon Channel – even on their large scale.
After our initial success, Revant gave Cart Logic access to their International Amazon Channels and we got to work translating and implementing similar SEO optimizations, as well as understanding the nuances of each International market.
We refurbished their advertising to implemented and managed a robust PPC strategy. We pursued unauthorized resellers and gave Revant insight into
their International competition.


Revant’s account posed a unique problem of SKU quantity and multiple international marketplaces, but our team has been able to tackle each task individually to manage the account and increase its overall success.
Improving SEO and bringing Revant’s keywords into compliance alone increased product sessions by 40% and pushed sales over projected KPIs.
By designing, implementing, and managing Revant’s PPC strategy, we lowered Revant’s average ACoS from 24% down to a staggering 6%, resulting in lean advertising that produces sales while maintaining a profitable ROI from advertising spend.
International PPC management has resulted in all channels being up 10-25%. We continue to help Revant defend against retail arbitrage and unauthorized 3rd party sellers, as well as work directly with Amazon to prevent Revant from wasting time treading water with Amazon customer service.
Most importantly, we’ve been able to complete updates to a massive number of SKUs and across multiple channels, while remaining profitable. A difficult feat considering Revant’s size and business reach. All while saving them time as well as the cost of onboarding a salaried team of comparable experts.

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