By stabilizing, organizing, and optimizing OGI’s account, we were able to raise their sales floor from $0 to $70K and continue to grow their presence on Amazon.” 


  • Increase from $0 to $73,000 in Monthly Revenue
  • Successful Fulfillment By Amazon for the Prime Badge
  • Up-to-date SEO and Amazon-specific product optimization
  • Maintain a consistently High Seller Rating
  • Consistent PPC Sales while maintaining ACoS goal
  • Control of Brands on the Amazon Channel
  • Removed over 40 Unauthorized Resellers
  • Control of Branded product Buy Box

The Company

OGI Eyewear made the ascent from humble beginnings as a boutique optical design company to its present position: a worldwide leader in affordable luxury eyewear. OGI’s original philosophy remains an integral part of each new release: maintaining innovation, originality, and quality. 

Their movement onto Amazon was a natural step towards increasing their direct-to-consumer sales and taking control of their brands’ presence on the online retail giant. 

Their Challenge

OGI entered Amazon as a new seller determined to control their brand and establish Amazon as a new channel of distribution. Their new account was faced with a huge number of unauthorized resellers, no control over their brand representation, no PPC strategy, and new products with low sales velocity and no search visibility.
OGI also had an intimidating move to FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) and the need for a team of experts on the budget for a single person.

Our Solution

Our team began by implementing Brand Registry for their brand, Scojo New York, in order to stabilize the selling environment and gain control of product listings that were already in the channel. We also began Channel Cleanup. This process involved identifying all resellers of OGI’s product on the Amazon channel, investigating unknown 3rd party sellers, updating and implementing non-Amazon dealer agreements, and finally pursuing the removal of unauthorized sellers.
To jump-start sales, our team turned to PPC. We designed, implemented, managed, and optimized a PPC strategy that was customized for OGI in order to maximize advertising sales while maintaining a profitable ROI from advertising spend.  
We also helped OGI begin selling with Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA), removing fulfillment and most customer service from their plate. This change ensured that their products have the Prime Badge (a huge component to winning the Buy Box). Our team uploaded and cleaned up product listings, implemented best SEO practices and optimizations over time to accommodate product-specific details and Amazon’s complicated search algorithm.
Finally, we designed and implemented Enhanced Brand Content. This is an additional opportunity for brand representation available only to Brand Registered products on Amazon.


Cart Logic increased sales velocity with SEO, profitable PPC, and optimized product listings. Our team was able to streamline the FBA process and stabilize the selling environment with Channel Cleanup.
By stabilizing, organizing, and optimizing OGI’s account, we were able to raise their sales floor from $0 to $70K and continue to grow their presence on Amazon. We also guide OGI through Amazon’s changing requirements and new challenges.
All the while, requiring minimal additional effort from OGI’s team and at a lower cost than hiring a full-time employee! Their company benefits from an entire team of experts available to advise and execute changes, allowing them to focus on innovation and growing their brand.

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