Client Highlight: PDXPOP!

Part of why we love what we do here at Cart Logic is because of our amazing clients. One of our clients, PDXPOP!, is a gourmet popcorn company with a quality product and an even better mission.

The sale of their gourmet popcorn will provide nutritious meals to homebound elderly provided by Meals on Wheels People, a nonprofit organization in Portland, OR.

Their product:

PDXPOP! Is not just any popcorn. This gourmet popcorn is incredibly delicious coming in a variety of flavors such as Salted Butter Toffee, Candied Lemon, Berry Blast, and many more! Produced locally and with care, PDXPOP! Gourmet popcorn is a delicious treat that’s the perfect gift for all occasions!

Why we love PDXPOP!

We get to help offer a product to the rest of America that directly benefits our own community. Their success improves Portland, improves the quality of life for some of our most valuable and vulnerable people, and connects volunteers to others through sharing the basic needs of food and human connection.

Some part of every dollar helps to pay for the time and attention that cares for others. How could we not be excited to help?

How we’ve helped:

We’ve helped PDXPOP! By managing their Amazon Channel and helping them offer their product all across the U.S. We assist them in navigating Amazon’s rules and standards, manage their PPC campaigns, as well as optimize their listed products for Amazon’s SEO to improve sales velocity and organic ranking within the Amazon Marketplace.

Where can you get your own PDXPOP! Popcorn?

You can buy PDXPOP! On Amazon or on their website: