Rethink Your Amazon Strategy

  • Posted by: Crossett

Everyday we talk to brands that are using Amazon as a close out channel where they can send all their old styles, or discontinued products when they don’t want to carry them in stores any more. If you are part of a brand that does this, allow me to be the first to tell you that it’s time to rethink your Amazon strategy. This is one mistake that too many brands make and in the long run it is going to cost you. The Amazon strategic account management program has added new features to make it easier to sell your product on their platform, many of which include ways to include your branding experience on your product pages, so your customers get the same experience on Amazon as they would on your site.  

Historically, growing a brand on Amazon has been difficult. With limited control over the product pages, and no real ability to inject your brand voice or experience in the limited fields you can fill out. This is no longer the case. Amazon has made a lot of improvements for brands to give them more control, as well as more features to create their branding experience within the Amazon product page.

Amazon Storefront

Amazon Storefront is a new feature that allows you to curate your own branding and product category pages, so you can tailor the experience toward your customer and help them find the products they need. This feature allows you include things like your logo, branded headers, video, and other related content. You can also take advantage of branded banner ads that take potential customers to your storefront.

Enhanced Brand Content

If you have spent much time shopping on Amazon you have likely seen a couple different types of descriptions. There is the standard paragraph or two of product description about half way down the page, while important this is very easy to miss.  Enhanced brand content allows you to take this description and add image rich modules to help describe the product, give context for its use, and really set it apart from your competitors. When done right, enhanced brand content helps you drive brand awareness while increasing your conversion rate on Amazon.


Why Is Amazon So Important?

Amazon has been growing their share of ecommerce sales exponentially for the past few years with them taking almost half of online retail sales during Q4 of 2017, and there is no indication that this trend is going to slow down. So, if your business is dependent on your products being seen by your customers, you need to be sure that your products are on Amazon. If you want to succeed on Amazon you need to register your brand and take advantage of all of the new features.

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Author: Crossett